High School PTC Programs


Volunteer parents of RHS seniors work together to provide graduation-related activities and programs for the graduating class. At the beginning of senior year, PTC will host a parent Zoom meeting to discuss senior activities. 


Senior Activities fees will be collected at the beginning of the school year.


With help from the Maverick Club, the seniors will choose the prom theme and T-shirt design for the junior class gift. 


PTC grants are allocated for these activities but do not cover all the costs, therefore at the beginning of the school year, PTC will ask families to pay a "Senior Activities Fee" to help cover the costs of these events and activities.


The PTC provides confidential financial assistance to any student that qualifies. For financial assistance contact the principal. 


For more information or if you’d like to help, email:  rhspresident@riverdaleptc.org.


Here is a summary of key senior class events that we plan:

  • RHS Prom (all RHS students invited)
  • Senior Class Dinner 
  • Senior Exhibition 
  • Senior Awards Reception & Assembly
  • HS Graduation Reception
  • Graduation All Night Party (secret location)


The RHS PTC Committee publishes an electronic newsletter with information about upcoming events and activities. Please create an account on the PTC website to receive these emails.




Throughout the year the PTC holds general meetings that all caregivers are invited to attend. This is a great way to hear about all the programs and activities the PTC supports throughout the school year. 




The Annual Auction is how funds are raised to support the school. All HS caregivers are encouraged to attend. If you would like to help with the auction, please email auction@riverdaleptc.org