Our PTC Board

The Riverdale PTC is made up of caregivers who pool their talents to provide practical support for Riverdale schools and students. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Although we are part of one unified organization, we do much of our work through the committees responsible for each respective Riverdale school. To learn more about how we operate, see our Overview.


Interested in open board positions? Contact us!  If you want to contact someone in a specific position, see below for our organizational email addresses.


Your 2022-2023 PTC Board is:



Kira Donohoo (Conley), PTC President & RHS Board Committee President

Alexia de Pottere-Smith (Bounds), PTC Vice-President & RGS Board Committee President

Katie Merrit, PTC Secretary & RHS Board Committee Secretary

OPEN, Co-Treasurer

Jeanette Sung, PTC Co-Treasurer & RGS Board Committee Co-Treasurer


RHS Directors and Board Committee Members

Wendy Domreis, Booster Chair (nominated)

Weezie Henderson, Co-Communications

Jenny Ko, Vice-President

Alex Millkey, Co-Communications

Diane Moran, Co-Treasurer

Suzanne Zurasky, Co-Treasurer


RGS Directors & Board Committee Members

Ashley Eil, Co-Vice-President

Emily Imperiale, RGS President-Elect

Sara Johnson, Co-Communications

Lyndsey McCartney, Co-Communications

Michele Rossolo (Johnson), Co-Vice President

Staci Schwartz, Co-Treasurer


Organization emails:


RGS Board Committee

President -- rgspresident@riverdaleptc.org

Vice President -- rgsvicepresident@riverdaleptc.org

Treasurers -- rgstreasurer@riverdaleptc.org

Communications -- rgscommunications@riverdaleptc.org

Lunch Service Coordinator - lunchservice@riverdaleptc.org


RHS Board Committee

President - rhspresident@riverdale.org

Treasurers - rhstreasurer@riverdaleptc.org

Communications- rhscommunications@riverdaleptc.org

Booster Club - boosterclub@riverdaleptc.org