Welcome New Riverdale Families!

The Riverdale PTC would like to extend our warmest welcome to you and your family! We are especially glad to greet those families who reside out-of-district and have chosen to join the Riverdale school community.


As we learn of your enrollment, our New Family chairs reach out to make the transition to Riverdale a positive one. In addition, our Grade Connectors coordinate informal gatherings throughout the year and over the summer to help families meet each other.

  • Be sure to sign up to receive our emails and newsletters, and get invitations to our gatherings and information about opportunities to get involved in your children's schools.
  • Become part of our directory in order to choose how to share your contact information with your children's new classmates and friends.
  • Explore our website to learn more about what the PTC is and see our scheduled events and activities

We sincerely hope you will join in the PTC's volunteer efforts on behalf of our schools and make new friends and connections in the process.