The Riverdale Parent Teacher Clubs at both schools strive to enrich our children’s education by enhancing curriculum and activities, encouraging parent involvement, supporting student participation, and fostering communication to strengthen our community.

At RGS, the PTC’s main focus is to enrich the educational experience through:

  • Classroom Enrichment – art literacy, garden education, financial aid for books, field studies, lunch, grants for core subjects, special performances, author visits
  • Teacher Support – classroom funds, room parents, monthly lunches, teacher appreciation week
  • Extracurricular – community school, athletics support, extended care
  • Community Building – back-to-school events, carnival, Riverdale playgroup, field day, guest speakers, book fair, craft fair, movie nights, new family liaison, grade connectors, Auction (also our most important fundraising event of the year!)
  • Grade School Support – lunch program coordination, weekly and quarterly newsletters, website updates, marching band uniforms, facilities improvements, equipment, technology, supplies

At RHS, the PTC provides support (financial and otherwise) in these areas:

  • Teacher Support: training, classroom funds, conference meals, teacher appreciation
  • Classroom Enrichment: College Room, special project grants, teacher grants, performances/speakers
  • Extracurricular: athletic support through Booster Club, drama & other club and activity support
  • Community Building: new family reception, class parents, Booster Club events, Auction, Party Packs
  • RHS Support: Parent Pack weekly newsletter, directories, facilities improvements, equipment and supplies, and confidential financial assistance to students for sports, dances, club participation, field studies and other activities.