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2020 Riverdale PTC Auction: Roaring 20s

Date: February 29, 2020

This year’s auction will be held on February 29, 2020, at The Redd on Salmon! The theme will be The Roaring Twenties and it will be a lovely night that includes dinner, dancing, gaming, auction items, student artwork, party packs and more! If you want to be involved in helping make the PTC’s largest fundraiser for enrichment, extracurricular and community-building activities another success next year, sign up below. Questions? Contact this year's chairperson Emily Imperiale.    

Sign up below...

Event Chair

Oversee auction planning and organize committee meetings.

  • #1: Emily Imperiale

Executive Team & Paddle Raise

PTC Presidents and others who work with District on Paddle Raise campaigns.

  • #1: Adria Cassidy
  • #2: Trina Gluckman
  • #3: Heather Bogaty
  • #4: Peter McCleery
  • #5: Carissa Barrett


Communicate event information to community.

  • #1: Shelby Quintos
  • #2: Courtnee Averskog


Secure corporate sponsors to underwrite event costs.

  • #1: Alicia Lopez
  • #2: Committee Committee


Work with committee to secure donations for Live Auction, Casino Prizes, Online Bidding and other raffles/prizes.

  • #1: Allison Williams
  • #2: Aryn Mayor

PTC Website

Keep PTC Website updated.

  • #1: Shelyea Belfiore

Food & Drink

Work with caterer & venue on food and drink.

  • #1: Mina Stricklin

Online Bidding

Manage the Online Bidding (silent auction). Data entry, bid tracking and sales reports.


Work with Event Chair on theme and decorations for event.

Graphic Design & Printouts

Create main event design, other thematic elements, and oversee all materials for print.


Work with Graphics Team to create, print, label & mail invitations.


Secure entertainment for the evening.

Finance & Ticketing

Work with tracking sales, sponsorships and other revenue and then with sales at the auction. Work with Greater Giving website and Event Savvy team.

  • #1: Diane  Moran
  • #2: Shelyea Belfiore
  • #3: Courtnee Averskog

Text Captains

Help network to invite newcomers, keep families informed of auction opportunities.

  • #1: Heather Bogaty
  • #2: Nikki Brenneke
  • #3: Sign up »

Wine Wall

Collect wine, organize wine wall and post-Auction distribution.

Party Packs

Work with Party Pack planning committee and help with Party Pack publicity.

  • #1: Jenn Rabb
  • #2: Amber Marquez Moore

Auction Art Commitee

Work with art teachers and classrooms on student art projects for bid.

  • #1: Nikki Brenneke
  • #2: Kira Donohoo
  • #3: MJ Davison
  • #4: Sign up »

Day Of Event Help

Help set-up the day of the event.

  • #1: Kira Donohoo
  • #2: Kira Donohoo
  • #3: Kate Koustareva
  • #4: Emily Imperiale
  • #5: Christi Somera
  • #6: Alicia Lopez
  • #7: Adria Allison Staci Nita Committee
  • #8: Sign up »
  • #9: Sign up »
  • #10: Sign up »

Night Of Event Help: Spotters & Recorders

Help the auctioneer with spotting and recording bids.

  • #1: Mary Potter
  • #2: Jennifer Novack
  • #3: Eliza Oh
  • #4: Nicole Seawright

Night Of Event Help: Sales

Help with raffle, prize ticket and casino sales.

Auction Clean-Up

Help tear down and haul stuff home.