If your volunteer activity involves our students, please complete an online screening every two years through Verified Volunteers. (For more information, go to the school website: https://www.riverdaleschool.com/domain/201 and use the following “Good Deed Code:” 

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Library Assistance 2019-20 (RGS)

Date: June 11, 2020

Regular weekly volunteers are needed in the library to help out during class library time. Duties include: helping students find and check out books, assisting with assignments, reshelving books, and behavioral assistance. You can sign up below or during Back-to-School Night. Please sign up only if you can commit to a weekly time slot.

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Mondays 10:21 - 11:11

3rd - Whitehill

Mondays 12:04-12:44

1st - McDonald

Mondays 12:44-1:34

Kinder - Wray

Mondays 1:37-2:27

2nd - Sager/Barron

Mondays 2:30-3:20

3rd - Howley

  • #1: Peter McCleery

Tuesdays 11:14-12:04

4th - Hutchinson

  • #1: Angela Hung

Wednesdays 11:14-12:04

4th - Laskowski

Wednesdays 12:44-1:34

1st - Papke

Thursdays 12:44-1:34

Kinder - Becker

Fridays 12:04-12:44

Kinder - Wray

Fridays 12:44-1:34

Kinder - Becker

Fridays 1:37-2:27

2nd - Hayes