A large applause for our Corporate Sponsors, whose generous contributions enable us to put on a fantastic and fun event that will help raise the funds needed for PTC programming and opportunities.
  • Oregon Reproductive Medicine- Amanda & Jonathan Hurliman
  • StarCycle- Erin Moone
  • Angeli Law Group- Tyler Francis & Melissa Wollan Francis
  • Magnum Opus Salon- Joe & Shar Hunter
  • Mayor Law Firm- Travis & Aryn Mayor
  • Sky High Sports- Elizabeth Kramer & Keith Oelrich
  • Hollywood Children’s Dentistry- Sheena Kansal
  • Healthy Habits Catering- Shelly Morris
  • Propeller- Amy & Ryan Weeden
  • The Dischinger Team Orthodontics- Bill & Kari Lynn Dischinger
  • NoPo Kids Dentistry- Staci & Josiah Whitman
  • Just Add Power- Taft & Mina Stricklin
  • North Portland Orthodontics- Jen Crowe & Jeff Burstein
  • DLR Nordic Volvo Sales- Duncan & Katie Roberts
  • The Gunter Group- Mike & Ashleigh Gunter
  • Freeman Motor Company- Eric & Jenny Freeman
  • D&C Motors- Daniel & Domnika Crainic
  • Small Parts Manufacturing- Mert Rockney
  • Chris & Susan McGowan
  • Tim & Victoria Canfield