Riverdale Directory. Get one for your home, car, and office!

The Riverdale Directory is the Riverdale community phone book, produced and updated each year by the PTC. The directory is available for pre-order here for delivery in October in mid-late September by grade school and high school families and the Riverdale community.

New families should go to www.riverdaledirectory.org to enter your information for the 2018-2019 Riverdale Directory. (If for some reason, you experience a pop-up message asking you to select a certificate, please click “cancel.” It seems to only happen to a few random people!) 

Note for out-of-district families: If you’re interested in carpooling options, please be sure to indicate that when you complete the directory form.

If you know of new families, with or without school-age children, who moved into the neighborhood in the last year, please ask them to contact Maya Klein at mayanw@comcast.net or Allison Fowler at allison.fowler@comcast.net.