Nikki Brenneke and Britt Kummer, our co-chairs, welcome new families as we learn of their enrollment in our school. Each grade has “Grade Connectors” who coordinate informal gatherings throughout the summer to help families meet each other. Lots of information is shared through email, our new family link on the PTC website and at our annual New Family Lemonade in late summer.

The 2019-2020 grade connectors are still being confirmed. In the meantime, here are the grade connectors for the 2018-2019 school year:


Kate Robinson (Girl)

Staci Schwartz (Boy)

Katy Tibbs (Boy)


Erin/Andrew Allen (Girl)

Kristen Best (Boy)

Nikki Brenneke (Girl)

Kim Mauer (Girl)

1st Grade

Amy Blume-Marcovici (Boy)

Amanda/Jonathan Hurliman (Boy)

Emily Imperiale (Girl)

Elizabeth Mitszky (Girl)

2nd Grade

Nikki Brenneke (Girl)

Kim Mauer (Girl)

Jenny Youngblood (Boy)

3rd Grade

Kira Donohoo (Girl)

Amber Moore Girl)

Virginia Mulligan (Boy)

Jen Rabb (Boy)

4th Grade

Kim Mauer (Girl)

Beth Johnston (Girl)

Stephanie McCleery (Boy)

5th Grade

Kira Donohoo (Boy)

Amber Moore (Girl)

Jen Rabb (Boy)

6th Grade

Heather Bogaty (Boy)

Tiana Dixon (Boy and Girl)

Virginia Mulligan (Girl)

7th Grade

Kira Donohoo (Girl)

Erin Moone (Girl)

Jen Rabb (Boy)

Alana Spellman (Boy)

8th Grade

Tiana Dixon (Girl)

Jen Novack (Girl)

Erin Moone (Boy)

Sarah Wright (Girl)