The Maverick Cafe offers a wide variety of delicious food options
for lunch, breakfast, and snack provided by XPRESS CATERING.

From the XPRESS CATERING website:
We welcome your new and fresh menu ideas and would love to sample them
to our students and staff and possibly add them to our menu!
This year we will continue with our free and unlimited fresh raw veggies available at snack and lunch.
Our goal is to provide students with familiar healthy lunch choices they love everyday.


Purchase lunch on a daily basis, view the menu and pre-order online,
or use the Maverick Cafe APP on your mobile device.

Pay for lunch daily with cash, debit or credit card,
or by depositing funds to a student account via check or online payment.

Your student account number is your six-digit student ID number.

For detailed payment options, click the ORDER NOW link below and scroll down on the Home page
or select Payments at the top.




During the first few weeks of school, students will have photos taken and receive a student ID card.
After receiving an ID card, you can create a student account for the Maverick Café.
Until then, new students can purchase meals on a daily basis.