2018-2019 Grade School Lunch

Healthy Habits Catering is returning for a third year! As with last year, hot lunch, sack lunches, a la carte items, and milk are available on a daily basis.

Parents, we need your help to serve lunch: The volunteer shift is 11:15 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., weekly, every other week or monthly. Click here to sign up to volunteer to serve lunch or to confirm your days. Please contact the PTC Lunch Volunteer Coordinator, Dimati McPherson, at lunchservice@riverdaleptc.org, if you have additional questions.

For information to setup and access your lunch account, click here. For new account setup, enter the Riverdale school code: 213RGSOROR

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Program Details:

  • Milk: You can order milk on a daily basis for your student (on the a la carte menu for $0.26) or for the entire year (on the “Milk” menu for $43.68).
  • Ordering Forms:  There are two types of ordering: “Monthly” ordering and “Daily” ordering. The “Monthly” ordering form will include all items offered by Healthy Habits (hot entrée, salad bar, sack lunch, a la carte items and snacks). Ordering on the “Monthly” form will work exactly like last year, the order form will be open between the 6th and the 20th of the ordering month and payment is due on the 20th of the ordering month. The “Daily” ordering forms will open AFTER the “Monthly” ordering form closes and will allow you to order a salad bar, sack lunch, a la carte items and snacks up until the night before. The “Daily” form can be accessed multiple times during the month (since each ordering form is for one day), but we ask that you settle your account on the 20th of the month (same time as the monthly form) in order to make sure we have payment in a timely manner but also to ensure that you are only charged one processing fee per month.
  • Labels:   Labels will be provided in your student’s classroom for all items (including sandwich sack lunches, a la carte items and snacks) ordered off the “Monthly” menu. Items ordered off the “Daily” menu will be available and labeled for your student in the lunch room but your student will NOT have a label in their classroom.
  • Pricing:   The processing for sack lunch items increases when the items are ordered off the “Daily” menu because of the “on the fly” ordering and reporting challenges. For this reason, sack lunches on the “Monthly” menu are $4.50 and sack lunches on the “Daily” menu are $5.00. We’d like to encourage you to order the sack lunch items off the “Monthly” menu when possible but realize the benefit to last minute ordering as well. We will again be offering reduced staff pricing to all Riverdale School District employees and their families on most items. If you qualify for staff pricing and do not see the appropriate pricing reflected in your order, please contact Anita Scarlett at xagsx@hotmail.comIf you would like information about free and/or reduced price lunch options, please contact the Riverdale District Office.
  • Monthly Ordering Periods:   We will offer eight “Monthly” ordering periods during the 2018-2019 school year. The combined months allow you to order in advance, avoid shorter ordering periods, and avoid ordering periods that end when school is not in session for both your convenience and the convenience of the Riverdale school staff that support the lunch process. As always, we ask that you settle your account on the 20th of each month BUT when there are multiple ordering months, you are welcome to spread the payments out across the months. If you have any questions about the payment process, you can contact Anita Scarlett at xagsx@hotmail.com OR contact the District Office for free and/or reduced pricing lunch options.


    • The ordering periods for this year will be:
Ordering Dates Ordering Period Payment Due
8/12 – 8/22 August & September 8/20
8/22 – 8/29 September 8/29
9/6 – 9/20 October 9/20
10/6 – 10/20 November 10/20
11/1 – 11/16 December & January 11/20 (can do ½ on 12/20)
1/6 – 1/20 February 1/20
2/6 – 2/20 March & April 2/20 (can do ½ on 3/20)
4/6 – 4/20 May & June 4/20 (can do ½ on 5/20)


Please feel free to contact Anita Scarlett atxagsx@hotmail.com (if you have any questions about the ordering process) or Shelly Pascoe at shellypascoe@icloud.com (if you have any questions about the menu items, ingredients or the preparation process).