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How do I get information about the PTC's events and activities?

The PTC uses many channels to inform the community about upcoming opportunities. Our Calendar is the best place for current information about upcoming events and activities. The PTC also emails a weekly newsletter and periodic event-specific email announcements, as well as posting to Facebook and Instagram. Room Parents play a key role in providing information to their classes. At the Grade School, we also share information on the bulletin board adjacent to the bicycle pavilion near the playground.


If this an all-volunteer organization, who oversees its management?  Our PTC is made up of caregivers who pool their talents to provide practical support for Riverdale schools and students. Each year, a board of volunteer directors is voted in and corporate officers are selected, as provided by our articles of incorporation and bylaws.


What are the major ways that the PTC enriches the educational experiences at Rivedale schools? The PTC provides financial and volunteer support in five main areas:

  1. Community Building – new family liaisons, grade connectors, back-to-school activities, community directory, and social events
  2. Classroom Enrichment – special project and supply grants, performances/speakers
  3. Extracurricular – after school educational opportunities and support for Riverdale athletics
  4. Teacher Support – teacher appreciation events, room parent and volunteer support
  5. Schools Support – lunch service support, facilitiy and equipment improvements

What is the difference between the PTC and the Riverdale Foundation? The Foundation’s dollars go directly into the District’s operating budget to help close the gap between the budget and the funds actually received by the state. The PTC funds specific programs and services that are not in the District budget.


Does the PTC endorse candidates running for office?

In short, no. The Riverdale PTC, as a 501(c)(3) organization, is prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. It therefore does not endorse candidates for public office or engage in campaign activity, which means it does not express approval or disapproval for one or more candidates’ positions and/or actions or address issues raised as distinguishing candidates for a given office. While individual board members or volunteers may have personal preferences and can speak in a non-official capacity, such views do not represent the organization. The PTC commends all those in our community who wish to volunteer their time and energy to our schools.