2020 Party Pack: Yacht Wrecked



Grab your crew, put on your deck shoes and go below deck to put on your best yacht or island attire then set the SS Dunthope's course to Laurent Island to enjoy tropical concoctions and high-end provisions. Go "Sailing" with "Rosanna" to "Africa" or just dance the night away with your fleet to your favorite yacht rock. This (more than) three-hour tour could get you caught in the Radcliffe Triangle so settle in with the Professor and Mary Anne and enjoy Dunthorpe's first YACHT WRECK!


Date:  Postponed (TBD)

$95/Guest - Limit: 90

Hosted by: The Laurent, Jacobson, Hutching, Moore, Rabb, Allen and Sander Families

Attendee Listing For: 2020 Party Pack: Yacht Wrecked

  1. Donna Avedisian

  2. Heather Bogaty

  3. Alexia Bounds

  4. Jeff Burstein

  5. Darris Cassidy

  6. Adria Cassidy

  7. Judy Chang

  8. Aaron Chang

  9. Craig Chanti

  10. Sara Conte

  11. Ben Conte

  12. Jennifer Crowe

  13. Heather DeCook

  14. Todd DeCook

  15. Tyler Francis

  16. Melissa Francis

  17. Megan Gill

  18. Adrian Graham

  19. Mindy Harp

  20. Travis Harp

  21. Amber Hillman

  22. Henry Hillman

  23. Emily Imperiale

  24. Daniel Imperiale-Hagerman

  25. Matt Johnson

  26. Rishel Kerr

  27. Keagan Kerr

  28. Susan McGowan

  29. Chris McGowan

  30. Michele Rossolo

  31. Katie Schenning

  32. Ryan Schenning

  33. Anne Stone

  34. Anastacia Whitman

  35. Josiah Whitman

Price: $95.00

Start Time: 6:00 pm
End Time: 10:00 pm

Date: May 30, 2020

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