Spanish Spring 2019



Portland Early Learning Project’s mission is to empower children, families, and educators to use language - in all its forms - to develop relationships that enrich their personal lives and inspire positive change in the world.

Each lesson is packed with games, songs and active reading activities that maximize confidence! Individual attention and creative lessons benefiting all learning styles.

Students will start speaking in phrases from the very first class using "puzzle piece" sentences, role-plays, active book reading and more! Our instructors create an environment that fosters a natural process to using language. Students speak to each other, have opportunities to be "teacher," and build confidence in themselves as individuals.  Each new term builds on previous terms, but new students are always welcome.


Dates: Thursdays  4/11 - 5/30/19 (8 classes)

Time:  3:30 – 4:30

Grade: K - 3

Price:  $160

Location: TBD

Min/Max: 6/12

Facilitator: Portland Early Learning Project

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Attendee Listing For: Spanish Spring 2019

  1. Lawrence Azar

  2. Janice Bartholomew

  3. Jax Burstein

  4. Sydney Cicchillo

  5. Stacee Lawrence

  6. Lilly Steele

  7. Anastacia Whitman

Price: $160.00

Start Time: 3:20 pm
End Time: 4:20 pm

Date: April 11, 2019

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