2019 Party Pack: Jump Around (PK-12th)


Jump up, jump up and get down!
If they've got the feeling, they can jump across the ceiling. Sho' nuff, we’ve got props, from pizza to cake shots. From the kids on the hill, plus your mom or your pops. They ALL come here to get down!

So get your kids out of bed,
YOU can have a break from the tread
then they can go wild as a child & jump around!

So, sign your kids up, to throw their hands up
and jump around!
Jump up, jump up and get down!


Join us for a morning at Sky High Sportswhere your jumpers can bounce off the walls, literally!  There is the huge Freestyle Court for big kids and the Kids Court is great for our smallest jumpers.  Your kids can also enjoy hoops, super-size foam pit, climbing wall (minimum 40"/40 lbs.) and more.  Pizza and cake will be served for lunch.  This is a special Riverdale PTC fundraiser and Sky High is opened exclusively to Riverdale students for this one morning only!

Complete the Sky High Sports Waiver in advance to save time when you arrive.  A waiver is required for all jumpers/participants.

Please also note that according to Sky High Sports management, kids can be dropped off but they will not have extra staff to supervise them when they are not in the jump areas.

Sky High Sports in Tigard, OR
Friday, April 19, 2019 (No School Day at RGS & RHS)
9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
$35/Jumper includes lunch and Sky High Sports grip socks, which are required for jumping.

Limit: 140 Jumpers (Pre-K to 12th Grade)

Thank you to our generous hosts: Kramer, McCollum, and Bautista.


Attendee Listing For: 2019 Party Pack: Jump Around (PK-12th)

  1. Zach Adams

  2. Alleman

  3. Alleman

  4. Evan Allen

  5. Sophia Anfuso

  6. Donna Avedisian

  7. Averskog

  8. Averskog

  9. Dustin Best

  10. Bogaty

  11. Nikki Brenneke

  12. Heather Burton

  13. Neve, Flynn Collins

  14. Cooper

  15. Xander Domreis

  16. Immie Eichen

  17. Hanna Faroghi

  18. Lauren Fowler

  19. Francis-Wollan

  20. Francis-Wollan

  21. Alexandra Frenette

  22. Brooke Gaedeke

  23. Stephanie Gilliam

  24. Anais & Jude Gilligan

  25. Jackson Gutman

  26. Naomi Hand

  27. Nina Hanson

  28. Liam Harp

  29. Alana Heiser Spellman

  30. Morgan Henderson

  31. Madelyn Hermesch

  32. Higgins

  33. Higgins

  34. Bryce Hilderbrand

  35. Kyle & Amber Hillman

  36. Kerri Hoffman

  37. Angela Hung

  38. Hurliman

  39. Chris Johnson

  40. Johnston

  41. Emery Jung

  42. Rishel Kerr

  43. Rishel Kerr

  44. Nitin Khanna

  45. Ian Koldinger

  46. Emma Kuzara

  47. Alena Lauritsen

  48. Frank Trung Leba

  49. Connor Madriago

  50. Maher

  51. Kim Mauer

  52. Everly Mayor

  53. Charli Mayor

  54. Silas & Loudon McCleery

  55. Kendra McPherson

  56. Amanda Meyer

  57. Amber Moore

  58. Caitlin Moran

  59. Virginia Mulligan

  60. Seve Prats

  61. Jennifer Rabb

  62. Cate Ragel

  63. Larissa Reece

  64. Bjorn & Calvin Roberts

  65. Schwartz

  66. Schwartz

  67. Shelli Silbaugh

  68. Annie Stone

  69. Stone-Harad

  70. Taft Stricklin

  71. Lisa Vasanth

  72. Jack Wagner

  73. Paige Witte

  74. Lily Zurasky

Price: $35.00

Start Time: 9:00 am
End Time: 12:30 pm

Date: April 19, 2019

Sky High Sports
11131 Southwest Greenburg Rd
Tigard, OR
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