With seven garden beds, a circular seating area, two picnic tables, a garden shed, composters, irrigation and white boards, our Outdoor Classroom and Garden (located next to the District Office, behind the covered play area) is a bountiful outdoor education area used by the whole school for studies in a variety of core subjects. Students come to plant, explore, learn and touch in myriad lessons taking place throughout the garden cycles. If you’d like more information about the Garden program, contact Paige Witte, garden education chair.

Updates from the Garden

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2018 has been incredibly productive in our school’s garden classroom space. First of all, we were so incredibly fortunate to have a new, permanent shelter constructed to provide shade and protection from inclement weather. This beautiful addition was completed in May and was funded by the PTC (money from the paddle raise at last year’s auction was used for this purpose). Garden Education chair Paige Witte adds, “It will be used for teaching in a wide variety of ways and also serves as a community gathering space for class parties and celebrations. It also serves as an additional classroom outside of garden based education, as it has wifi access. Carrington Light used it last year as a place to breathe fresh air while students worked on English lit lessons on lap tops – a place were garden and technology clearly meet.”

Our school garden was also featured on the Dunthorpe Garden Tour, where it was visited by hundreds of attendees. Dietrich Nebert generously volunteered his time, sharing with the greater Portland community about how our garden supports curriculum goals and the benefit of hands-on project based learning. The Dunthorpe Garden Tour raises thousands of dollars for our school district. Awesome!

Check out the photos above of the new shelter and a few snapshots from the Garden Tour.

Getting Ready in the Garden

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This summer saw lots of activity in the school garden as the Green Schoolhouse summer camp met to take care of the garden while school was out. We look forward to a 2018-2019 school year filled with planting, harvesting, growing and learning! To read more about the school’s garden program, check out their page on the district website: Outdoor Classroom & Garden