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Jazz Band RHS – Winter 2020


This course covers the study and performance of swing, latin, funk and rock styles with an emphasis on advanced rhythmic concepts, chord to scale relationships and improvisation. Studying privately is encouraged.
Jazz Band runs all year long and is a full year commitment. Sign up is three times a year.


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Jazz Lab – Winter 2020


This course will introduce the young jazz musician to basic jazz, latin, funk and rock arrangements, work on listening skills, ensemble playing techniques and explore improvisation. Open to all instruments, this is the perfect opportunity for the beginning jazz student or seasoned jazz player interested in working on a second instrument. All students must have at least one year of musical study.
Jazz lab runs all year long and is a year long commitment. Sign up is three times a year.

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Marimba HS – Winter 2020

GRADES 9 – 12

Riverdale School District has a vibrant marimba program. Our amazing instructor Michael Smith has expanded the program to the HS. Come join the fun!

Each class will consist of 4/5 students and meet twice a week. Class times are after school but will be determined based on each groups availability.

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