This year’s Casino Royale Auction has something for everyone:

  • a handful of LIVE AUCTION packages that are worth their weight in gold
  • dozens of ONLINE BIDDING items, at a variety of price points
  • a WHEEL OF FORTUNE, at which every spin will yield a prize
  • a full CASINO with gaming tables and casino money.  More gaming = more fundraising, so have fun at roulette, craps, blackjack and the poker tables…and the big winners will be entered into raffles for big prizes!

In order to keep the winnings widespread, we are looking for all kinds of donations.  Take a peek at the ideas below and let us know if you have a donation or a connection.  
Click to print out a donation form for your own use or to give to someone; after all, it’s not “for your eyes only!”


Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences

The Kentucky Derby, The Masters, The Emmys, The US Open, The Final Four, The Superbowl, Art Basel Miami, Fashion Week, Sundance Film Festival

Adventures & Experiences

boating adventure, music session with a well-known band or musician, radio or TV appearance, wine country getaway, fishing trip, guided hike, bird-watching outing, whale-watching tour, motorcycle tour, bike trip, organized scavenger hunt, murder mystery dinner, bowling, hot air balloon ride, paragliding, ride-along, geo-caching experience, train ride, escape room, ropes course, parasailing, kite surfing, windsurfing

Job Shadows for Teens/Young Adults

apparel company, medical lab, advertising agency, veterinarian, legal, broadcast, engineering firm, architecture firm, government agency


concerts, sporting events, symphony, ballet, musical theater, speakers, amusement parks

Food & Dining

host a dinner or cocktail party, wine & cheese event, dessert delivery for a year, cooking lessons, cake decorating lessons, wine refrigerator, bread-of-the-month delivery, fresh fish, clambake party, restaurant or coffee shop gift card, grocery store gift card, wine tasting

Sports & Recreation

tickets, autographed memorabilia, tailgating party, clinic/lessons for kids, golf outing, yoga or pilates gift card, gym membership, athletic equipment, ski or snowboard lessons, mountain pass, tennis lessons, dance lessons, horseback/equestrian lessons

Personal Services

auto detailing, makeover, personal shopper/stylist session, landscaping, photography, flowers for a year, lawn mowing or garden maintenance, housecleaning, painting, dog- walking, housesitting, babysitting, salon services, upholstery/sewing/tailoring, mural painting, pet portraiture


vacation home use, rv or yurt use, plane tickets or airline voucher, vacation package, cruise package, ski lodge + lift tickets, safari

One-of-a-Kind Items

jewelry, artwork, collector’s items, quilt, knitting basket. pottery/ceramics

For the Kids

bikes, scooter, skateboards, board game gift basket, basket of books, art supplies, guitar lessons, electronics, a new puppy!!